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2017 Conference Dates:
Wednesday, September 20th - Friday, September 22nd, 2017 Sponsor our Conference


Lecture Materials

You can view and download PDFs of our 2017 lectures below.

Kathleen Kerrigan: Peripartum cardiomyopathy

Stephen Smith: Electrocardiographically Subtle LAD Occlusions

Jeremy Faust: qSOFA for Sepsis - How Good Is It?

Bill Soares: The Dilemma of Low Risk Chest Pain

Imo Aisiku: Reversal of Anticoagulation in Spontaneous ICH: Yes or No

Kal Dulaimy: Contrast Induced Nephropathy - Kidney Killer or Medical Myth

Christopher Kabrhel: Pulmonary Embolism at Both Ends of the Severity Spectrum

Adam Kellogg: Syncope for the Devil

Sergey Motov: Hydromorphone in the ED—Necessary Analgesic or Unnecessary Evil?

Aaron Hexdall: Notes on Sepsis - Critical Actions and Rescue Strategies

Lauren Westafer: Slaying Prehistoric Practice—A Plea for Knowledge Translation in the ED

Kavita Babu: Balancing Analgesia and Addiction—Controversies in Opioid Management

Cien Lutfy-Clayton: Video Laryngoscopy Tricks of the Trade

Bryan Hayes: Controversial ED Drug Therapies

Michele Schroeder: Assessing the Imminent Delivery

Evie Marcolini: Emergency Department Evaluation of Dizziness

Critical Procedures Workshop Handout

Conference lectures from 2017 will also be on emedhome.com. The lectures may be found in the Online EM Lectures section of the site. Previous users can log in with their username and password, and new users can log in with the email address used to sign up for the conference and the password "emedhome," and then go to the "manage account" section to create a new password.